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Astrological Traits of Taurus

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, is the Bull. Focused on security and stability, the Taurus is the most faithful of all the signs.

Strong, silent, the most introverted of all the signs, Taurus is likely to be cautious and controlled. Those born under Taurus is very practical and determined, well-grounded, and in touch with nature.

They take things as they come, without worrying or stressing. They have strong values and tend to think long and hard about their decisions. Once they've made those decisions, it's easier to move mountains than to change the mind of a Taurus.

Nothing personifies Taurus more than the Greek myth of the Minotaur, or bull-headed man when it comes to stubbornness. Once those hooves are dug in, Taurus is just not going to move.  But the Taurus will probably deny that they're being stubborn; they prefer to call it "sensible."  Or "patient."

Normally calm and reliable, Taurus is content to be left alone, with a very long fuse....but if that fuse ever burns, watch out.  Taurus has a temper.  Push them to their limits, and the phrase "bull in a china shop" takes on a whole new meaning.  

Taurus very seldom gets mad, but when they do, they don't just get a little annoyed, they get furious.  It may take weeks for the dust to clear after a Taurus tantrum.

Taurus likes to build their fortune, slowly and steadily; they love money and material possessions, though they're not stingy.  They can be very generous, especially to friends and family.

Strong, dependable, and peaceful, Taurus is like a rock in the Zodiac, with their patience and calm.  They can be the most stable and trustworthy of all the signs...just don't try to rush them into anything.  Or ask them to change their mind.