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How To Use Feng Shui Oustside Your Home

It is fun to decorate your own house but sometimes, simple decorating can even lead to a very bad Feng Shui. It is understandable that we like to decorate our house to reflect our mood and taste; however, we will like to let you know some of the basic points to cover when decorating your house. The suggestions below are not a complete list of Feng Shui in your home but merely some essential steps to improve the Feng Shui in your house.

First, go to your house’s main entry and stand facing out from your house. Make sure that there is no Poison Arrow pointing to your main entrance. Poison Arrow can come in many forms. It could be a straight road heading straight to your house or a big tree directly outside your house. If you are facing this situation, you should relocate your main door away from this poison arrow or simply just plant a few trees to block this poising arrow.

From the back door, if the land at the back of your house is higher, that is good for you because you have the support of the “Black Turtle”. If there is a hill behind your house, that is excellent. If the land behind your house is low, if you are on a hilltop for example then you need to install a bright light and shine it upwards to lift the receding Chi energy.

You should also place a tortoise at the back of your house if possible.

Looking out from your main door, the land on your left side garden should be higher than the right side. The left side symbolizes Dragon and the right side represents Tiger.

You should not let the Tiger be stronger than the Dragon or it will create problems for you in your house like arguing, family disagreement, and so on. To rectify this, try to plant tall trees on your left-hand side of the garden so the Dragon energy can be stronger than the Tiger. You should also plant a lot of leafy trees on the left-hand side of your garden.

Try not to have a garden water feature on your right-hand side of your garden especially if you are married. By having a water fountain on your side of the garden, it may cause a lot of married issues like sex scandals and third-party relationships.

When you are opening your house's main entrance door, there should be no mirror facing the main door. This is to prevent good energy, luck, and wealth from flowing out again. It is also not good when your back door is facing the main door in a straight-line method. This has the same effect as a mirror.

Good energy will flow into your house and then flow out from your back door. You need to capture this good energy in your house and don’t let them flow out of your house.