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The Golden Ratio and Feng Shui

The golden ratio is a very important concept in feng shui due to the way it implies aspects of balance and perfection of shapes. Feng shui is based on the search for harmony between the human beings and the environment in which they are. Feng shui is always looking for balancing the elements and objects which surround living beings and compose their environments.

The environments in which the human being lives often tend to become unbalanced and lose their natural harmony due to the way in which he modifies it and adds artificial elements to it.

Feng shui provides the guidelines and knowledge necessary to reestablish the natural balance which human beings, as well as all living beings, need to surround them and the golden ratio is a constant always present in this natural balance.

The environment in which the human being lives is made of natural elements and shapes. The golden ratio is a rule that can be often found in many elements of nature as well as in artificial objects made by man. This way, it can help to achieve the desired harmony by being used along with feng shui balancing elements and objects.

The golden ratio is a numeric value that was discovered by Euclid and shows a mathematical relationship that appears as a constant. The golden ratio is often known as the phi number is necessary in order to calculate many different mathematical shapes and geometrical related elements.

Architects who have a formation on feng shui and follow its guidelines at the time of designing their buildings, often use the golden ratio as an important tool in order to achieve such a goal.

It can be used in architectural elements such as columns, pillars, overtures, and windows as well as in the general design of the building.
Besides its architectural applications, the golden ratio is also employed by feng shui experts through the use of objects such as vases, flower pots, fountains, coins, candles, wind chimes, and many other symbolic ornaments that would balance an environment.

Often, we would not even realize the ways in which this mathematical element is present around us and in nature by appearing through natural formations, flowers, plants, and even living beings.