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Zodiac Traits of the Astrology Sign Scorpio

            Scorpio is one of the most complex                           of all the signs.

Scorpio has been known as the Mystic and the Investigator, and the Eagle and the Phoenix have both been associated with this sign.  Scorpios are driven to learn about people and have an innate ability to see what others can't.

They are intuitive, passionate, and exciting.  They hate shallow relationships or being taken advantage of, and they are persistent, determined, and focused.

Scorpio has an ego.  She knows herself, insults do not phase him.  Outwardly, she's calm, focused, and serene, but inside, she's boiling.  It's very difficult to read a Scorpio's mood by the look on his face because she has a natural ability to keep the reactions small.

She has ambition, but it's impossible to tell her goals because they won't be obvious.  With ambition, she has the focus and drives to accomplish anything she wants, and when she succeeds, it will seem like it was natural, meant to be, rather than by his will.

More US Presidents have been Scorpio than any other sign.
Don't ask a Scorpion for advice unless you really want it.  You won't get false compliments or empty reassurances, you'll get the cold hard truth.

Scorpio is intensely loyal, and never forgets a favor.

On the other hand, she never forgets being wrong, either.  Hurting a Scorpio is like planting the seeds for your own destruction because they won't be satisfied with simply evening the score--she'll have to outdo the offender.

This is the weakness of the Scorpio--jealousy, resentment, vindictiveness, and obsessiveness are very easy for him to fall victim to.

Scorpio has always been associated with dark things, which is only natural considering their rule by dark, distant Pluto.  But there is a need for someone to show us what is hidden in the dark corners of the world and the soul, and Scorpio is the one to do that.